Monchhichi of the Hinamatsuri version appears for a limited time on Shin-Koiwa Monchhichi AR!

Below map ① From February 21 (Thu) to March 3 (Sun) in Shinchoiwa station north exit area, the following map ② In the Shinchoiwa station south exit area from February 17 (Sun) through February 17 (Sun) from 3 Connected to the Katsushika District Public Wireless LAN ” Katsushika_Free_Wi-Fi ” during the period until Monday 3 (Sunday), open the “Shin-Koiwa Monchhich AR Function” in the Katsushika-ku Comprehensive Application, and together with the Dolls’ Festival version of Monchhichi You can shoot.
As it is an appearance for a limited time, please come to Shinkoiwa during the period and enjoy photographing with the Hina Matsuri version of Monchhichi!

Below the map ③ Shinobosuwa Station Tohoku Square, ④ Sky Deck Tatsumi West side, ⑤ Sky Deck Tatsumi East area is displayed as usual Monchhichi.