【Sunday, March 24 (Sun), 31st (Sun) will temporarily open the ward office and Kanamori · Kameari · Shinchoiwa Kita ward office window! 】

[Sunday, March 24 (Sun), 31 (Sun) will open the ward office and Kanamachi, Kameari, Shin Koiwakita ward office window temporarily! ]
As person going to the next office concentrates on procedures such as address transfer by transference, going to school in March, window of ward office and some inhabitant of a ward offices on Sunday, March 24 (Sunday), 31st (Sunday) Temporary opening agency.
After checking the handling business, please use it!

【Please be careful】
It is expected to be crowded on the day, so please come in with time.
Handling duties differ depending on the location. Specifically, please confirm linked ward homepage.

[Temporary opening agency date and time]
March 24 (Sunday), 31 (Sunday) 31:00 (Sunday) 9 am to noon ※ On the 24th, due to the open agency window (every Sunday, once a month), the window of the Tax Affairs Division / Storage Countermeasures Section is also open You

【Open agency place】
・ Katsushika ward office (Family Residents Division, National Health Insurance Pension Division, Child Care Support Division, Academic Affairs Division)
・ Inhabitant of a ward office (Kanamachi ward office, Kameari ward office, Shinkoiwakita ward office)

http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000046/1001406/1010404. html