We published public information Katsushika March 15 issue.

We published public information Katsushika March 15 issue.
One side is “The trick is fraud.”
In ward, trouble by wire fraud such as meole fraud or the Internet still occurs. In order to prevent the damage of fraud, it is important to first know the trick and always have a sense of crisis that “Tomorrow is my body.”

Feature of this issue
Four faces “Katsushika native karuta”
In ward, we distribute karuta to all the children of the third grader in the ward every year as teaching materials which can learn local area and push forward utilization in various scenes including event or local event.

Eight “Please use base collection of recyclable materials”
In addition to resource recovery at the collection point, resources such as waste cloth, small household appliances, fluorescent tubes, dry batteries and ink cartridges are also collected at ward facilities etc. in order to make effective use of resources.

Public information Katsushika March 15, 2013 issue Link: http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/information/kouho/1005537/1020214. Html