[The first flower of a rose bloomed in Horikiri Gion! ]

[The first flower of a rose bloomed in Horikiri Gion! ]
On May 17th (Friday), the first flower blossomed in Horikiri Gion. What bloomed is "Kamomari", an Edo-style old flower in the 5th field, and it has purple petals on a white background and is characterized by three petals.
A woman who visited Horikiri Gion said, "I am glad to have arrived at the moment when the first flower blooms. Because even one wheel is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing it."
The flower garden in the park will be in full bloom from the beginning of June.

【Horikiri Garden (Horikiri 2-19-1)】
○ Open hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Closed day: New Year's holiday: Sunday, December 29 to Friday, January 3)
※ From May 27 (Monday) to June 25 (Tuesday) from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ○ Transportation access Keisei Electric Railway "Horikari Gion" station about 10 minutes on foot ○ Admission fee free [Katsushika Sakai Festival]
○ Holding period May 27 (Monday) to June 16 (Sunday)
○ Venue (2 venues) Horikiri Gion venue (Horirigari 2-19-1), Mizumoto Park venue (飾 飾 District Mizumoto Park)