[Katsushika Sakai Festival has started! ]

[Katsushika Sakai Festival has started! ]
From May 27 (Mon) to June 16 (Sun), the Katsushika Sakai Festival is being held at Horikiri Gion and Sumimoto Park! You can enjoy about 200 species 6,000 shares in Horikiri Gion, and about 100 species 14,000 shares of flower buds in Mizumoto Park! Currently, both venues are still about 1 minute full bloom, but in Horikiri Gion in early June, in Mizumoto Park, around mid June will be in full bloom ♪
June 7 (Fri), 8 (Sat) 19 o'clock-21 o'clock, we will light up the groom at Horikiri Gion! Night flower lanterns illuminated by pale light show a different expression from daytime, are fantastic and very beautiful ☆
On weekends during the show, various events will be held at each venue! Please see the destination for details ♪ You can also see the flowering situation of flowers (* ^ _ ^ *)
The photo is from last year.