[Information for “Mother and dad love up lecture” with baby]

[Information for "Mother and dad love up lecture" with baby]
Postpartum depression prevention for ~ mom and play ・ contact with baby for pelvic exercises & dad
The mother listens to postpartum depression prevention and pelvic exercises to care for the postnatal mental and physical body, dad listens to the play and contact advice with the baby from the male nursery teacher, and the mama dad together at the end of the course talks about postnatal care You Please join with mom, dad and baby.
6/16 (Sun) 10:00 am to noon at Women's Pal ★ There is childcare for pre-school children over 1 year old.
We are accepting applications until 6/4 (Tuesday) (must arrive) by round-trip postcard or electronic application.
Please see the link for details.