[The end] News of the 53rd Katsushika summer fireworks display traffic regulation

The 53rd Katsushika Summer Fireworks Exhibition will be held on Tuesday, July 23, 2007. Traffic restrictions will take place on the surrounding roads.
Please refer to here for the details of the fireworks display.

[Traffic regulation date and time]
From July 23 (Tuesday) 17:30 to 22:00 * In the case of stormy weather, the next day will be postponed, and in the case of stormy weather, it will be canceled the next day.

[Traffic control range]
Please refer to this .

[One who is resident in the regulation area]
If you are a resident in a restricted area and will be passing within the restricted time, we will issue a vehicle pass permit.
With copy of driver's license, car verification, Kameari police station traffic regulation person in charge one week ago on the day (representative TEL: 03-3607-0110)
Please consult with us.

・ Edogawa Doe Dori and Takasago Dori will be closed.
・ Please follow the instructions of the police on the spot during the deregulation time.
・ In the no-traffic area, we prohibit the invasion of vehicles other than residents and motorcycles (motorcycles, etc.).
In addition, please get off the bicycle and pass.
・ Route bus operates as usual.

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