[“Man is hard”] 50th anniversary × 45 days of Monchhichi “Am here! Monchhichi” being held! ]

["Man is hard"] 50th anniversary × 45 days of Monchhichi "Am here! Monchhichi" is being held! ]
"Man is hard" and Monchhichi's dream collaboration
From June 22nd (Sat) to July 25th (Thursday) at the Katsushika Shibamata Memorial Hall & Yamada Yoji Museum, we are holding "Attakocchi Monchhichi" ✨
○ Special event "Look for Chichi Chichi!"
The 14 Monchhichi-kuns are hiding in the museum of the Yodo Yamada Museum and Yoji Yamada Museum.
Only one body, "Aoi Chitchi" wearing Aoi's clothes is hidden ❗ I found a photo, taken a photo, SNS up for a nice gift I got (1 million people first arrival)
○ We offer "寅 ッ チ ッ チ at" TORA san cafe "☕
In-house cafe "TORA san cafe" offers "寅 ッ チ ッ チ 施 with 寅 art of 寅 ッ チ ☕😃☀️"
It is too cute to drink (* も っ た ≦))
Please try this opportunity! Moth