Special course second of Katsushika ward university summer! !

Special course second of Katsushika ward university summer! !
On August 3rd (Sat), we will hold "Health management learning from the diet of top athletes."

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games will be held next year. We planned a course to enjoy the tournament more deeply.

The second special course in summer invites Ms. Emi Hosono, who is called a miracle management dietitian, as a lecturer, to reform the diets of athletes at Chiba Lotte Marines, and many other players including Takara Sara. We will give a talk on examples that supported the eating habits of top athletes.

Do you not learn about a top athlete's meal in this course and use it for the making of body?

[Date] August 3 (Sat) 2-4 pm [Venue] Women's Pal Multipurpose Hall (5-27-1 Tateishi, Katsushika)
[Objective] Everyone [apply] is necessary (in the case of July 19 deadline / lot of application lottery)
[Capacity] 150 people

Please see the link for detailed contents and application methods of the course.
[Contact] Katsushika City Board of Education Secretariat Lifelong Learning Division Telephone: 03-5654-8475