A summer festival version of Monchhichi has appeared for a limited time on Shin Koiwa Monchhichi AR!

After connecting to Katsushika area public wireless LAN " Katsushika_Free_Wi-Fi " in area of 1 Shin-Koiwa Station north exit and 2 Shin-Koiwa Station south exit for a limited time until Mon. You can take a photo with the summer festival version of Monchhichi by opening "New Koiwa Monchhichi AR function" in the comprehensive app.
As it is appearance for a limited time, please come to Shin Koiwa during the period and enjoy photography with Monchhichi of the summer festival version!

The following map shows Monchhichi as normal for the area of Shin-Oiwa Station Tohoku Square, 4 Sky Deck Tatsumi West, and 5 Sky Deck Tatsumi East.