About Notice about Tsuchic Resale

During the period from June 22nd to July 25th, as a collaboration event of national characters such as "Mr. San" and "Monchhichi", "Mr. Monchhichi" event will be held in the Katsushika Shibamata Memorial Hall. It is One of the events, “寅 ッ チ 寅 ぬ い ぐ る み” was sold out on the same day due to favorable reception, but based on the requests from everyone, during the “Everywhere Monchhichi” event, Katsushika 柴It has been decided to sell it again (only for order sales) at the Sakai Memorial Hall. 【How to order 寅】 ッ 受 け 取 り】 ・ From July 6 (Saturday) to July 25 (Thursday), please receive “Order Form” at the window of Mr. Sakai Memorial Hall and fill it out. In addition, time to be able to apply is from 9:00 to 17:00 of business hours. ※ The event will be closed on July 16 (Tuesday).・ We can apply for up to two per capita chitch.・ After completing the order form, you will be required to pay for Tachibana at TORAsan café. · All payments will be cash.・ Because all will be delivered by mail this time, you will receive a "shipping fee of 540 yen (domestic uniform)" separately from the price of Sae Chitchi. ※ "寅 ッ チ ッ チ" is handmade by the people of the craftsmen with affection, I hope that you want to reach the hands of everyone who really think you want. Please do not hesitate to give me your support for not having "reselling" by giving me this thought. For details, please check the "Notice on Tachich Resale". Notice of Ticchi Resale. Pdf 寅 ッ チ. Jpg (Regarding the initial sales volume) At the initial sales volume, we use photos with accessories such as clapperboards and megaphones when we carry out PR, and we apologize for making it a misleading post. Please note that Chichi will be sold separately.