[We will recruit works for the “Letters and Parents’ Letter Contest”.

[We will recruit works for the "Letters and Parents' Letter Contest".
In Katsushika Ward, we set 10th every month as "no television no game day", and we are working on the vacation of television and games, the Internet, and trying to make time for friends and conversation with family. As part of that, I will write “parent and child letter contest” works that share feelings with parents and children by writing on their wishes and family's happy memories. Winners will be announced on the ward official site, and winners of the highest award will also be announced by PR.
○ Eligibility criteria: Elementary or junior high school students and their parents living in the city or their parents ○ Recruitment period: Until January 8 (Wed), 2nd year of order ※ For detailed information such as the mandatory application method and application forms, please use the link Please watch. We are waiting for your application ♪