[Sunday, October 6 We will recruit home visit acceptance families! ]

[Sunday, October 6 We will recruit home visit acceptance families! ]
Invite foreigners studying at a university in Katsushika Ward, a Japanese language school or a Japanese language class to your home and interact while conveying the "home warmth" of Japan.
We will visit Japanese families abroad and recruit families that can cooperate with home visits who experience "living Japanese culture" that can not be known at work or school, such as customs and culture. If you are interested in international exchange, please apply. Even those who are not good at foreign languages are fine! Basically, it will be exchange in Japanese.
【Holding date】
October 6 (Sun) 13:30-(about 3 hours)
※ As there is prior briefing session for approximately one hour from 10:00 on Sunday, September 29, please be sure to participate one from receiving home.
6 families (2 to 3 foreigners accepted per family) ※ In the case of a large number of applicants Lottery [eligibility criteria]
A family who lives in the ward and is interested in international exchange and can gain the understanding of the family 【Application method】
Please fill in 1 host family application form desired 2 names (Kurigana) 3 address 4 phone number in postcard or mail (intl@k-mil.gr.jp) and send it to the contact address. We will send you the application form here. You can also request by phone. You can also download the application form from the Symphony Hills website.
【Deadline for application】 9/11 (Wed) must arrive 【Contact】
Katsushika Symphony Hills "international exchange" person in charge 124-0012 Katsushika district Tateishi 6-3-3, TEL: 03-5670-2222