[Ne Hao! Recruitment of Chinese and Chinese culture contact course students! ]

[Ne Hao! Recruitment of Chinese and Chinese culture contact course students! ]
One in four people in the world is said to use Chinese on a daily basis. If you learn Chinese, the world will expand … that's the attraction of learning Chinese. Also, although sightseeing, work, studying abroad … even though the purpose is different, many Chinese-speaking people visit Japan every year, and seeing and hearing Chinese has become a daily sight.
This course introduces daily greetings and simple conversations, including pinyin, which is the basis of pronunciation. In addition, we will introduce various Chinese culture. We are looking forward to your application for those interested in Chinese / Chinese culture or international exchange in the area.
[Date and time] October 2-December 4 19:00-20:30 (Wednesday, all 10 times)
[Capacity] 15 people (resident in the ward, working in the office, preferred to the student) ※ In the case of a lot of application lottery [participation fee] 15,000 yen (all ten times, including text substitute)
【Application method】
Please fill in the 1 Chinese course 2 names (Kurigana) 3 address 4 phone number 5 application motive for round-trip postcards and apply for application / contact information. You can apply from Katsushika Symphony Hills website.
【Application Deadline】 September 10 (Tuesday)
[Application, reference]
Katsushika Symphony Hills "international exchange" person in charge 124-0012 Katsushika district Tateishi 6-3-3, TEL: 03-5670-2222
You can also check the details at the link.