[End] Shibamata Taishakuten Concert will be held

This year, Taishakuten concert will be held again this year.

(Photo shows last year)

[Date and time] August 2 (Friday)

[Place] Shibamata Taishaku Tengenji Temple Keikeien / Hushokaikan Hall

[Contents] ◆ Part 1: Introduction to Minshukuen and a mini concert (Nakkeien 17: 00-)
◆ Part 2: Lecture by Takao Ukigaya, principal guest conductor of the Brandenburg National Orchestra Frankfurt Quartet by soloists of flute, violin, cello and piano

[How to apply] Please see this flyer

[Sponsorship] Tokyo history and culture town development in Shibamata executive committee

[Inquiries] Executive Committee Secretariat (TEL: 03-3672-2662)