Real mystery solving game in 寅 Mr. memorial “summer monster festival!”

We will hold a real mystery solving game at Katsushika Shibamata-san Memorial Hall, Yamada Yoji Museum and Yamamoto Sakai. A real mystery solving game is a sensational game event where participants actually solve their mystery using their head and body. Let's solve the incident by solving the mystery and code that appear one after another as the protagonist of the story! Solve the mystery 1_s (1). Jpg Solve the mystery 2_s.jpg [Date and time] August 1 (Thursday)-September 1 (Sun) 9:00-17:00 (Final hours of reception: 15:30) Because of the closing day of the facilities, etc., the real mystery solving event will also be closed. [Receiving place] Katsushika Kushimata Kashiwa Memorial Hall (Katsushika Ward Shibamata 6-chome 22nd No. 19) [Participant fee] Junior high school student or less 1,000 yen, adult ¥ 1,200 If you are a child of elementary school age or lower, please bring a guardian. ※ Please purchase only admission tickets for accompanying parents. [Game clear bonus] 10% discount ticket for use by TORA san cafe (until September 30, 2008. It can be used any number of times during the period.) [Inquiries] Katsushika Shibamata Memorial Museum (TEL: 03-3657- 3455)