We published public information Katsushika August 5 issue.

We published public information Katsushika August 5 issue.
One side of the August 5 issue is "Do not smoke on the roads around Kyoto Seishi Station, Ohanachaya Station, Horikiri Gion Station".
From August 1 of last year, JR Shin Koiwa, Kanamachi, Kameari, Ayase Station around the street and the station square, parks, etc. were designated as smoking prohibited areas, and smoking was prohibited except in designated smoking areas within the area.
Furthermore, from August of this year, Kyoto establishment stone, flower tea house, around Horikiri Gion Station was newly designated as smoking prohibition area.
Please observe the manners and cooperate in creating a comfortable and livable city for everyone.
In addition, on page 4, we introduce survey results and smoking manners in areas where smoking is prohibited around JR Line Station.

Feature of this issue
Four sides a little bit! Aren't you being fooled?
Within the city, there were 54 cases from January to June, about 122 million yen special fraud. The trick is getting more sophisticated year by year, and the damage is increasing. If you think something is wrong, please consult with the police or your family.