Kameari Rock Festival 2019 is held!

kamearirockmatsuri2019_omote_s.jpeg It is a complex event with street performers, performers and dance, and a local Kameari gourmet store opening, with a focus on live music! This year, in addition to regular members such as smell , the metallic hardcore band BLOOD OF THE FALLEN that broke up in 2010 will be revived, as well as Hello Hawk , a former eastern youth, who has been supported by emo / punk / indie fans for many years. Tomokazu Ninomiya (pork cutlet, uIIIn, PANICSMILE) and, such as collaboration with multi-player Noguchi Eiritsu led by MUSQIS, is a lot of interest! [Date & Time] From Sunday, September 29, 11:00 am [Venue] Kameari Lirio Park (3-25-1, Kameari, right from Kameari Station South Exit) [Admission] Free [Official Twitter] @kamerockfes [Cast] BLOOD OF THE FALLEN smell Take Back The Beers! Hello Hawk Tomokazu Ninomiya + MUSQIS DANCEWITHME Maruky Hooker Wadaiko Toyoya Slant Line (dance) Michigami Brass Harmony (Brass Band) Kameari Performance Park (Performer) [Timetable] kamearirockmatsuri2019_ura_s.jpeg [Food] Iwagame Sengo Japanese Sweet Umemura Third Place Cafe OASIS CAFE Yee Dining Neko Bakery Kameari Ginza Shopping Street Youth Club (Drink) Bar Sweet Shop Seikokai (Yakisoba) Lol Koya cafe LIFE is GOOD [Toys & Miscellaneous Goods] Macaron Kameari Ginza Shopping district youth group [sponsorship] Kameari Ginza shopping district promotion association [co- sponsorship] Katsushika City culture facility designation manager [ support ] Katsushika City, Katsushika City Board of Education [to visitor]・ Smoking is prohibited in the venue. Smoking is the venue outside, hand thank you to the smoking areas at the entrance side.・ Please do not accumulate in stores and roads around the venue.・ Please cooperate in the separation of garbage.・ It is rainy weather, stormy weather cancellation. [Contact] kamerockfes@gmail.com