[Autumn Trekking Camp Participants Wanted! ]

[Recruitment of autumn trekking camp participants large! ]
Let's go trekking to Nikko mountain range in autumn!
Take a bus to the middle and challenge Mt. Even beginners are fine ♪ We are waiting for applications such as “I like nature” and “I want to try trekking” (* ^ _ ^ *) [Schedule] Saturday, October 12-14 (Monday) Congratulation)
[Target] Elementary school 3rd to 6th grade [Capacity] 30 people by lottery (minimum number of participants 20 people)
[Travel Price] 32,500 yen (33,000 yen outside the ward) (tax included)
* Includes transportation, accommodation, meals (six meals), insurance, and taxes.
[Meeting / Disbanding Accommodation] Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park (planned)
Please check the link of Nikko Rinkan Gakuen for application methods and details.
Katsushika City Nikko Rinkan Gakuen Camp Recruitment Page