[The 26th Katsushika International Exchange Festival] Volunteers are recruited! ]

[The 26th Katsushika International Exchange Festival] We are looking for volunteers! ]
This is the 26th “Katsushika International Exchange Festival”. We are looking for volunteer staff who will support and excite them together!
Activities include support for events held at each booth, reception of venues, information on visitors, establishment and removal of venues. Detailed contents and roles will be explained in advance meeting. If you are interested in international exchange and multicultural coexistence, want to contribute to the community, or want to learn about various cultures, why don't you join us on this occasion? Volunteers are welcome to apply for the first time!
[Activity date]
○ November 9th (Sat) 18: 00-21: 00 (Venue setup)
○ November 10 (Sunday) 9am to 5pm (the day)
* November 10 includes consultations for working hours and snacks * Nine days and 10 days have a 1,000 yen appreciation (subsidy for transportation expenses) ◎ April 1 (Friday) will be held in advance from 19:00.
(About one and a half hours)
[Activity location]
Katsushika Symphony Hills, Annex, etc. (6-33-1 Tateishi)
60 (lottery lottery)
High school students or those over 16 years old [How to apply]
Indicate “Volunteer for International Exchange” on the round-trip postcard, and fill in ①Name (phonetic) ②Address ③Telephone number ④Application motivation ⑤Age, and apply to the following application.
* You can also apply from the application form on the Katsushika Symphony Hills website.
( Https://www.k-mil.gr.jp/kie/festival/index.html)
[Application / Inquiries]
Katsushika Symphony Hills "International Exchange" 〒124-0012 6-6-3 Tateishi, Kasushika TEL: 03-5670-2222