[“Summer patrol radio exercises / Gymnastics exercises for everyone” was held! ]

["Summer patrol radio exercises / Gymnastics exercises for everyone" was held! ]
“October Radio Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics Festival” and “Citizens Health Radio Gymnastics Tournament” were held at Okudo General Sports Center Athletic Field from 6 am today!
More than 1,500 people participated and cheerful voices were delivered nationwide through NHK radio. The theme songs of “Kochikame” and “Men wa Taiyoyo” related to Katsushika were also used for the gymnastics music, and everyone enjoyed the music arranged like Katsushika!
Thanks to being able to move the body happily and happily from early morning, I think we were able to start a good day (^^)
Morning radio exercises are held in parks throughout the city. Please refer to the link below.
Jumping in is also very welcome (^^)