[We are accepting application of gift certificate with premium to the tax-free one in the resident tax of the year in the year of Heisei 31]

[For those who are tax-free for 2019 resident tax, we are accepting applications for gift certificates with Katsushika Premium]
Have you already applied?
We will sell gift certificates with premiums to mitigate the impact of raising the consumption tax rate on households and to support local consumption.

≪Target audience≫
(1) Resident tax tax exempt for 2019 (excluding those who are supported by those who are subject to resident tax and those who receive welfare)
(2) The householder of the household to which the child born between April 2, 2016 and September 30, 1980

≪If you need to apply≫
If you do not have a resident tax (per capita rate) for 2019, you need to apply.
* Child-rearing households do not need to apply. From the end of September, purchase vouchers will be sent in sequence.

≪Application method etc.≫
Those who are considered eligible will receive application documents sequentially from Friday, July 26. (Enclosed in “Notice from Tax Division”). If you have received the application documents, please fill out the necessary information and submit it in the enclosed reply envelope.
A reception desk will also be opened. Please check the Katsushika City website for details.
After receiving the application, the requirements will be confirmed, and purchase vouchers will be sent to the eligible customers in order from the end of September.

[Application period] Until Friday, November 29

* Details on sales will be announced when sending a voucher. In addition, we will announce in public information Katsushika later.