We issued public information Katsushika September 5 issue.

We issued public information Katsushika September 5 issue.
The first page of the September 5 issue is “Starting in October, free of charge for early childhood education and childcare!
Free infant education and childcare for children aged 3 to 5 years. Children from 0 to 2 years old who are exempt from resident tax are also eligible. In the ward, we plan to carry out an additional subsidy in accordance with the country's free of charge.

Feature of this issue
6th “Katsushika City Disaster Prevention Drill”
Exhibits / experience drills, earthquake disaster response exercises, and cooking exercises will be held. Training content varies depending on the venue.
[Date and time] September 29 (Sunday) 9am-noon [Venue] Tateishi Sakura Street (5-13 Tateishi), Kiyowa Elementary School (6-2-1 Tateishi), Tateishi Junior High School (6-3-1 Tateishi)・ Women's Pal (5-27-1 Tateishi)

12 “Katsushika Ward born wrestler Kensho Momotaro Seki celebrated 10 winners!
Kensho-Seki won his first victory at the Sumo July. In addition, the September place numbering was announced, and the new entry was decided. From September 8th (Sun), the September place will be held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan. Let's support Kenshokan together! You can see Kenshokan's comments on this paper.

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