Come on Kameari Winter Illumination 2019


Poster illustration: Katsukake ( @ktsksketch )

The Oideyo Kameari Executive Committee, which is active to excite Kameari's town, will light the illuminations in front of JR Kameari Station this year.
On the first day of lighting, a lighting ceremony will be held in front of Kameari Station, and the moment of lighting will be enlivened by the performance of a brass band.

This year, sphere (spherical) lighting that changes color every season appears!
In addition to the flower soup that is the symbol of Katsushika City, it colors the winter Kameari with colors that image the Christmas and New Year holidays.

[Lighting date and time]
From November 8th (Friday) to February 29th (Saturday)
Every day from 16:00 to 23:00

JR Kameari Station North / South / Kameari Lirio Park

★ Illumination lighting
[Date / time] Friday, November 8, 17:00
[Location] JR Kameari Station Lirio Hall
[Contents] Brass band performance, ceremony

★ You can take photos using the AR function

During the illumination period, you can take photos using the AR function in the Katsushika City Comprehensive App in the illumination area of Kameari Station North Exit / South Exit and Kameari Lirio Park.
You can take your own original photos by combining various photo frames and stamps on your smartphone or tablet.
After installing the app “Kokosil” on the App Store / Google Play, select “Photoshoot with AR” in the “Katsushika City Comprehensive App”.
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★ Come on Kameari WinterFestival 2020 will also be held!
Hot Kameari in the winter with sales of various famous turtles, “Kamenari Sennin Nabe” and various other events!
[Date and time] 10:00 on Saturday, February 1, 2
[Location] Kameari Park and Kameari Lirio Park
[Contents] Kameari Chinin hot pot sales, mock shop, stage performance, etc.

Come on Kameari executive committee

J-COM Co., Ltd. Chiba Tokatsu and Katsushika Bureau

Oideyo Kameari Executive Committee Secretariat (Yurodo Service Counter)
Tel: 03-5680-8685