[The end] We hold Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku open space Festival 2019

Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku Plaza Festival 2019 will be held again this year.
It is a chance to take photos with Monchhichi-kun, Monchhichi-chan, and Monchhichi official racing driver Kazunari Yoshioka!
Please come and join us.

Tohoku Plaza Festival 2019 Poster_s-1.jpg

October 26 (Saturday) from 9:00 to 16:00 * Cancelled in case of stormy weather and light rain

Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku Plaza, Sky Deck Tatsumi

[Photograph session]
The photo session with Monchhichi-kun, Monchhichi-chan & Monchhichi official racing driver Kazunari Yoshioka, which was very popular last year!

1st 11: 00-11: 30
Second time 14: 00-14: 30
* The racing car will be exhibited from 9:00 am, and photography is possible.
(Monchhichi official racing driver, Kazunari Yoshioka and Monchhichi)

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Venue map

[Sponsorship] Shinkoiwakita area town development meeting

[Inquiry] Tourism Division (TEL: 03-3838-5558)

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