The 50th anniversary event of the movie “Men is hard” will be held

The first movie to be commemorated on August 27, 1969 will be released for the movie “Men is hard,” and it will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019.
Therefore, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the release, we will hold a commemorative event in Katsushika City, the stage of the movie “Otoko wa Taiyo”

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◆ Commemorative screening of the movie “Men is hard to come home!” In Katsushika * Finished *
A commemorative screening will be held on Friday, December 27th, for the 50th series of the new movie “Mr. In addition, director Yoji Yamada, entitled “Katsushika and the movie“ Men is hard ”,
In addition to special talks by manga artists Osamu Akimoto and Yoichi Takahashi, Mayor Aoki Katsushika,
We will present an original hand towel with a commemorative design that includes illustrations drawn by Osamu Akimoto and Yoichi Takahashi.

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November 21 (Thursday) from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

MOVIX Kameari (address: 3-49-3 Kameari, Katsushika-ku Ario Kameari 3F)

400 people

1400 yen per person

【Application method】
・ Application form for dedicated website ( )
Or ・ Enter address, name, age, phone number, number of participants (up to 2 people. Only applicants under 18 years of age can not apply) on the postcard, and must arrive on Monday, October 28. Applications and inquiries: 〒124- 0014 4-8 Higashi Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku
Commemorative screening committee in the Tokyo network (TEL: 03-3693-3646)
* If there are many applications, it will be a lottery.

◆ Illustrations by Honorary Residents Osamu Akimoto and Yoichi Takahashi
Manga “The Katsushika Ward Kameari Park Front Departure” Author Osamu Akimoto and Manga “Captain Tsubasa” Author Yoichi Takahashi Limited illustrations on the theme of Shibamata to hold! The illustration will be drawn to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the movie “Men is hard”.

A : Thursday, November 21
B: From November 27 (Wednesday) to December 27 (Friday)

A: MOVIX Kameari B: Inside TARAsan cafe

◆ Countdown event 50 days before release in Sakai Memorial Hall
From November 7th (Thursday) to December 26 (Thursday)

Katsushika Shibamata-san Memorial Hall

① Supporting the 50th anniversary of the movie “The Man is Hard”! message board
To the “Support Message Board”, which is set up during the period at the Memorial Hall
Please feel free to write a message for the 50th anniversary!

② Monchhichi collaboration countdown
We will install a daily countdown board in collaboration with Monchhichi at Tsuji Memorial Hall.
Every day, a different Monchhichi and a niece Chichi dressed as a niece will inform you of the countdown.
In addition, TORAsan cafe with different illustrations will be offered every day at the TARAsan cafe in the building.

2torachhichi.JPG © Shochiku Co., Ltd. © Sekiguchi

Distributing photo collections of photos in Showa City with the keyword “ Katsushika Photo Gallery “ 50th Anniversary ”.
For those who have taken at least one photo of the place listed in the photo book and entered the Memorial Hall,
We will present an original hand towel with a commemorative design that includes illustrations drawn by Osamu Akimoto and Yoichi Takahashi.
* Handing over will be either one type.
* Limited to the first 1000 people

Katsushika Photo Gallery (Nitenmon) .jpg

[Photobook distribution period]
From November 21 (Thursday) to December 26 (Thursday)

[Photobook distribution place]
Aoi Memorial Hall, Library, District Center, Inhabitant Office, etc.

◆ MOVIX Kameari / Ms. Masu Memorial Hall Mutual Cooperation Campaign MOVIX Kameari has released 15 digitally-recovered 15 works that are popular among fans from the November 29th (Friday) to November 12th. It will be screened until Monday, 26th. If you have a movie stub for the restored version, you can use TORAsan cafe at a discount.
In addition, MOVIX Kameari will bring you an admission ticket to Mr. Tsuji Memorial Hall, and a novelty will be given to those who watch the restored version. * First-come-first-served basis

[Inquiries about the section in charge and the entire event] Tourism Division (TEL: 03-3838-5558)