[End] “Ryosan Begoma Tournament” “Kameari Performance Festival” will be held

In Kameari, Katsushika-ku, which was the stage of Osamu Akimoto's cartoon serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump
“Ryosan Begoma Tournament” and “Kameari Performance Festival” will be held.

◆ The 13th Ryosan Begoma Tournament ◆

Begoma Tournament.jpg

【event date】
November 10 (Sunday)

Kameari Lirio Park (3-25-1, Kameari, Katsushika-ku)

【way to participate】
Acceptance starts at 10:30 am Free distribution of original Begoma to 500 people as a prize for participation (distributed only to participants)
* There is no age limit * Participation is not allowed except for "Ryosan" Begoma distributed on the day

[Begoma lesson]
From 10:30 am to noon Kameari Lirio Park places about 10 barrels for practicing Begoma, and the Begoma Club and local volunteers will give you kind guidance.

[Begoma Tournament]
Noon: Beginning of Begoma tournament for adults (more than junior high school students) 1:30 pm: Start of Begoma tournament for children (elementary school students and younger) * Turn on a barrel for competition to determine victory or defeat.

★ You can see the state of the event last year from the following link ★

[Organizer] Kameari Ginza Shopping Street Promotion Association, Lirio Shopping Association, Kameari North Exit Shopping Association, Kameari North Exit Ichibangai Shopping Association Kamijuku Shopping Association, Kameari North Exit Nakadori Shopping Association, Kameari Chuo Shopping Street Promotion Association

[Support] Katsushika City [reference] Yuro-do service counter (tel 03-5680-8865)

◆ Kameari Performance Festival ◆

Ryosan Festival.jpg

【event date】
November 9 (Saturday)
November 10 (Sunday)

Held from noon on both days

・ Street performance hall (Kameari station south exit station "first hall" Ario Kameari "second hall")
・ Music venue (in front of Kameari Station North Exit)
・ Main venue (Kameari Lirio Park)

★ Please see the homepage for details ★

[Sponsorship] Kameari district mall association [cooperation] Katsushika City, Kameari performance park, Kameari Nishi three self-government society, J: COM