We issued public information Katsushika November 25 issue.

One side of the November 25 issue is "Have you been doing it?
Public Relations Section staff conducted a questionnaire on manners violations to 100 residents on the street. As a result, most respondents answered “Walking cigarettes”, followed by “While smartphone,” “No littering,” “Bicycle rules and manners violations,” and “Pet manure”.
Tobacco cigarettes and littering are prohibited by law. In addition, bicycle accidents are frequently occurring in the city due to violations of manners. Let each person follow the manners and rules and create a comfortable town.

Special issue of this issue
12 shimmering city Shin Koiwa Illumination [lighting date and time] December 6 (Friday)-Oryo 2 February 29 (Saturday)
・ North area: 5-11pm ・ South area: Street lights are turned on and off [Lighting location]
・ North Area Sky Deck Tatsumi, around Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku Plaza ・ South Area Shinkoiwa Station South Exit Station, Heiwabashi Street (part) etc.

Public information Katsushika November 25 issue

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