[The medalist of swimming is coming to NPO Koya’s Enjoy Club “Sport Festa 2019”! ]

■ Date and time: Sunday, November 24, 9:15 am opening (entry starts at 8:45 am)
■ Venue: Former Kodano Elementary School (Horikiri 4-60-1)
■ Participation is free

“Sports Festa 2019” is a free sports event that anyone can participate in. There are performance booths for various programs and children's performances such as cheer dance. Recreational competitions such as bread eating races are scheduled in the afternoon.

In addition, this year, Mr. Yoshimi Murayama, Junichi Miyashita, and Natsumi Hoshina who participated in the past Olympics will be invited to hold the “Medalist Talk Show”

We look forward to your visit!

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