[J: COM “Local Saturday” audience gift planning in progress! (^^)!]

J: COM Wonder Studio is presenting a program to send out local information nationwide “~ Weekly City Promotion ~ Local Saturday ♪”.
Katsushika City will record this weekend for the December 7th broadcast!
Prior to that, your local specialties hits # over I like this town ! We are holding a campaign. Assortment of Katsushika's famous products, about 10,000 yen worth is presented to each 3 people! We are looking for a message full of love here! I like this city from Twitter! Post a message with! Or apply for a message from the program website (..) φ Memo Memo (program website) https://c.myjcom.jp/jtele/goto-sata/#introduction
(Campaign website) https://c.myjcom.jp/user/present/jtv-20190321-gts.html