Katsushika City Residents University 10th Anniversary Special Lecture

We hold "you and my manabi".
A special lecture on the theme of “self-fulfillment” was planned so that “Katsushika University of Communities” opened and the “joy of learning” could be communicated again at the 10th anniversary.
Mr. Sayaya Kobayashi (Billigal)
Afternoon section Yoshida Nagi (photographer)
[Date / Time] Saturday, December 7
Morning part 10:00 am to noon afternoon part 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm [Venue] Women's Pal (5-27-1 Tateishi, decorated ward)
[Target] Anyone [Capacity] Each part 200 people (many lottery)

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[Inquiry] Katsushika City Board of Education Secretariat Lifelong Learning Division

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