We issued public information Katsushika December 15 issue!

One side of the December 15 issue is “Children's Future Plaza Kamakura (1-7-3 Kamakura)” which will open on Saturday, January 4th.
The Children's Future Plaza is a facility for childcare support that can be used by parents ranging from pregnant parents to high school students. In the future, we plan to make improvements to Kominato and Nishishin Koiwa.
At the facility, you can consult with your childcare counselors (such as nurses) about problems such as pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, and you can play in the “Sukusuku Room” (a space that can be used by children aged 0 to preschool and parents). .

Feature of this issue
Notice of 8 year-end and New Year resources and garbage collection work
During the period from December 31 (Tuesday) to January 3 (Friday), there will be no collection of resources, waste and human waste.
The collection time may change during the year-end and New Year holidays due to the increased amount of resources and garbage.
Please separate resources and garbage correctly and put them out at the collection site by 8 am on the day of collection.