Come on Kameari Winter Illumination 2019

What is Kameari Winter Illumination?

Odeyo Kameari Winter Illumination has been held since 2016, and this year marks the fourth year.
Kameari is a town of the manga “here Katsushika-ku Kameari Park front”, where many tourists gather from both inside and outside the country.
It is Kameari, but I want to know Kameari that is attractive in addition to "Kochikame"! I want to make Kameari even more exciting, so I want to make Kameari more exciting! The ward cooperates to launch the “Oideyo Kameari Executive Committee” and carry out illuminations.
This year, we can expect further excitement by renewing the design as “Oideyo Kameari Winter Illumination 2019”.

Interview with Kameari Executive Committee and Nagatomi Shimada Executive Committee

We talked with Mr. Nagatomi Shimada, Executive Committee Chairman of the Odeyo Kameari Executive Committee about the Omoiyo Kameari Winter Illumination 2019.

(What led to the Kameari Illumination being held?)

Up until now, Katsushika was a town famous for characters such as Tsuji and Ryo.
However, not only that, but I thought about illumination because I wanted everyone to be happy in a different way.

(What is the highlight this year?)

The illuminations so far were based on blue and had a slightly sober impression, but this year I imagined snow and expressed snow and snow scenes in two colors, white and champagne gold.
In addition, a sphere ball was installed, and it was designed to be enjoyed for about 4 months while changing the color depending on the season.
In the lower part of the illuminations, two-colored strings of purple and blue are used in the image of a bridegroom.
If you come to each seasonal event such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine, etc., you can enjoy illuminations with different atmospheres depending on the season.

(Who will be able to see the customer?)

Those who use Ario Kameari, those who come to shopping in the shopping street, those who are enjoying while waiting for the bus in the station square rotary, and so on.
Because it is in front of the station, many people have seen it.

(How is your reaction this year?)

It has changed a lot since last year, so I hear many people saying, “This year, it has become gorgeous and beautiful!
There is also a voice saying, “Kameari town can be brightly lit even at night.”
Actually, I was impressed before seeing the customer's reaction.

(Can you tell me the charm of Kameari?)

Kameari is an easy-to-live town where you can relax and live.
When the neighbors face each other naturally, you can feel free to say "Good morning!"
There are events every week in front of the station, so it can be said to be a lively and fun town.

(Can you tell me how to enjoy Kameari?)

I think it would be nice to walk through the shopping street, enter the dumpling shop, have a casual conversation with the shoppers, and have a relaxing time.
In addition, there are 15 statues of Kochikame characters around Kameari, so it is recommended to go around the statues.
Recently, many foreign tourists have come.

(Please tell us your enthusiasm for the end.)

In addition to the illuminations, an event called “Odeyo Kameari WinterFestival” is held at Kameari Park and Kameari Lirio Park.
This time it will be held on February 1, 2020 next year.
Of particular note is the Kameari Senninnabe, a local Kameari original dish made with a large pan over 1 meter.
This year, you can choose from yuzu salty taste and miso taste, and you can enjoy it for 100 yen per cup.
This is the 4th year, but it's a popular hot pot that can make long lines.
Last year, “Kamenari Sennin Nabe no Uta” was made, and it flows on the streets of Kameari and is popular with many people.
In addition, at the event, Kameari gourmet sales, flea market, street performance,
A stamp rally that small children can enjoy,
There are a lot of bands and dance performances.
I hope everyone will come on February 1st.

Winter illumination 2019 lighting ceremony

On November 8, 2019, the lighting ceremony of Kameari Winter Illumination 2019 was held.
This time, our Kokosil coverage team has interviewed the lighting ceremony, so I will tell you about it.

Kameari Station on the day of lighting

The lighting ceremony was blessed with the weather and it was a perfect climate for the ceremony.
Last year's lighting ceremony was rainy, so I was a little worried but it was fine!

At 5:30 in the evening, the lighting ceremony began.
The opening begins with a performance by “Michigami Brass Harmony”!
I heard the performance last year, but this year also showed a great performance with a rich lineup!

Next is greetings by Shimada Executive Committee Chairman and speech by Director Katsushika Aoki,
The countdown of lighting that has been waiting for a long time has begun.

The people who were waiting also stopped and watched the countdown.
The moment of lighting that approaches every moment …

And finally

Illuminated! The cheers of “Oh!” Were heard from all around!
For this year's illumination, spheres (spheres) that change color with each event have been added, and it is now possible to enjoy different color illuminations for each event.

[Lighting date and time]
From November 8th (Friday) to February 29th (Saturday)
Every day from 16:00 to 23:00

JR Kameari Station North / South / Kameari Lirio Park

Come on Kameari executive committee

J-COM Co., Ltd. Chiba Tokatsu and Katsushika Bureau

Oideyo Kameari Executive Committee Secretariat (Yurodo Service Counter)
Tel: 03-5680-8685

Please come to Kameari to see the illuminations!


★ You can take photos using the AR function During the illumination period, you can take photos using the AR function in the Katsushika City Comprehensive App in the illumination area of Kameari Station North / South and Kameari Lirio Park.
You can take your own original photos by combining various photo frames and stamps on your smartphone or tablet.
Install the app “Kokosil” on the App Store / Google Play and select “Kameari Illumination AR” in the “Katsushika City Comprehensive App”.
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★ Come on Kameari WinterFestival 2020 will also be held!
Hot Kameari in the winter with sales of various famous turtles, “Kamenari Sennin Nabe” and various other events!
[Date and time] 10:00 on Saturday, February 1, 2
[Location] Kameari Park, Kameari Lirio Park [Contents] Kameari Chinin Nabe Sales, Simulated Shop, Stage Performance, etc.