[The end] We hold the seventh Kameari New Year’s Day portable shrine festival

The Kameari New Year's Day Shrine Festival will be held next year.

Kameari New Year's Day Shrine.jpg

We are also looking for shrine bearers that will excite the region together.

Reception on January 1st (Wednesday) 8:30 am, start at 10am, end at 12:00

【The meeting place】
Kameari Lirio Park

[Shintou route]
Kameari Lirio Park Departure → Kameari Katori Shrine → Kameari Station South Exit Rotary → Kameari Lirio Park

・ Lending of semi-summaries and belts. For a fee (1,000 yen), the first 40 to 50 people.
・ Foreigners are also welcome to participate. Wear sneakers to prevent injury.

[Recruiting members of Nishisan Children Association]


Do you not participate in festival of town council? Includes sweets, drinks and meals.
Children's half wraps will be rented free of charge.

[Inquiries] 090-8461-0037 (Kameari Nishi 3 Residents' Association: Hanajima)