[For residents who are not taxed]

The application for the “Gift voucher with premium for residents tax exempt taxpayers / child-rearing householders” will soon be finished.

In order to ease the impact of the consumption tax rate increase on households and to support local consumption, we are selling gift certificates with premiums for residents tax exempt and child-rearing householders.

If you are tax-free, you need to apply. Application documents are sent to those who are considered eligible. The application deadline has been extended, but it will be closed soon.

[Application deadline: December 27 (Friday)]

Please fill in the necessary information, put it in the enclosed reply envelope, mail it, or apply at the ward office 2nd floor 202nd welfare management section gift certificate counter.
We cannot accept items that arrive after the deadline. If you wish to purchase a gift certificate, please do not forget to submit an application.
After accepting the application, we will confirm the relevant requirements again and send you a purchase voucher.

In addition, application for child care households is not necessary. Purchased vouchers will be sent to those who are eligible from the end of September.

Please check the website for details.