[Dec. 19 (Thu.) held a commemorative ceremony to open “Kids Future Plaza Kamakura”, which will open from January next year]

A tape-cut ceremony and a show of the Soran Festival by Minami Kamakura Nursery School children, who attended a nursery school in the facility from January 1980, were held.
The facility will open on Saturday, January 4, 1942! It can be used widely from pregnancy to high school students. From January to March, an opening event for the general public will be held.
Please come by all means! (^^)!

[Kids Future Plaza Kamakura]
Address 1-7-3 Kamakura, Katsushika-ku
Phone 03-3658-1800 (From Saturday, January 4)
Main contents Licensed nursery school (Minami Kamakura nursery school), interchange nursery room, multipurpose room, multipurpose hall, consultation room, garden, etc.