[We hold purpose of life support lecture “brain sports”! ]

Through various board games and card games in each country, you will enjoy the interaction between participants and activate your brain. It is perfect as a chance to create a new hobby ♪
〇Date and time From Thursday, January 23, 2nd to February 27, Reiwa 6 times every Thursday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Venue Senior Activity Support Center 4F Training Room (Tateishi 6-38 -11)
〇Applicants 65 years or older living in the ward 〇Capacity: 25 〇Cost: 2,400 yen
〇Application Please apply with a round-trip postcard (December 23 (Mon) deadline). In the case of a large number of entries, it will be a lottery. See Katsushika City website for details.