[Four days before the release of “Men is painful 50 Okaeeri Tora-san”! ]

It is only 4 days until the release of "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo 50 Okaeeri Tora-san" on Friday, December 27! I can't wait for the release!
At the Tora-san Memorial Hall, a countdown board of Tora Chicchi that indicates the number of days until the release is posted! In addition, the message board in the courtyard is full of hot messages from people who love "man is tough" (..) φ By the way, this board is the third one! It is loved by many people ♪ At “ TORAsan café '' in the Tora-san Memorial Hall, “ TORA Cino '' where you can enjoy the limited time latte art of Tora Cicci collaboration is on sale (^ ^ ♪ Please enjoy this opportunity !