[Cooking camp @ recruitment of participants large! ]

Even if you are new to cooking, you can learn how to use a kitchen knife and how to control the fire with your friends. On the last day, everyone has a cooking party. Let's make delicious food together ♪
[Schedule] March 28 (Sat)-March 30 (Mon), 2020
[Target] 1st to 4th graders in elementary school [Capacity] 40 people by lot (minimum 36 people)
[Travel price (tax included)] [Inside ward] 32,500 yen [Outside ward] 33,000 yen
* Includes transportation expenses (round trip bus charges), accommodation expenses, meal expenses (6 meals), insurance charges, and various taxes during the tax-included process.
[Meeting / dissolution place] Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park (planned)
[Accommodation] Katsushika City Nikko Rinkan Gakuen (Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture)
Please check the website of Nikko Rinkan Gakuen for the application method and details.