[We hold Katsushika inhabitant of a ward special lecture “let’s protect life from large-scale flood”! ]

Due to Typhoon No. 19, the water level of major rivers such as Arakawa rose, and Katsushika Ward issued an evacuation advisory. In recent years, typhoons have become larger due to abnormal weather, and direct hits in the Tokyo metropolitan area have continued. How can we respond to the prospect of a flood crisis? In this lecture, Toshitaka Katada and a specially-appointed professor at the University of Tokyo, who were involved in the evacuation planning for the five wards of Koto, including Katsushika, will talk about actions to protect lives from large-scale floods.
[Date] February 11 (Tue) 14: 00-16: 00 [Venue] Kanamachi District Center (1-22-1 Toganecho)
[Target] Residents / workers in the ward [Capacity] 200 people Click here for details of the course and how to apply. ↓
[Contact] Lifelong Learning Division TEL: 03-5654-8475