[We carry out the eleventh Mizumoto Kasemi no Sato photo contest! ]

We raise "photos which featured various creatures living in Katsushika City"! One entry per person, anyone can apply. The winning works will be decided by the votes of the visitors to Mizumoto Kasemi no Sato. Winning works will be sold as postcards. Please apply without hesitation! The application deadline is until January 13 (Monday / holiday) (postmark valid on the day). See the link for details. https://mkawasemi.exblog.jp/27866648/
[Application, reference] Mizumoto Kasemi no Sato waterside contact room 〒125-0034 8-3, Mizumoto Park, Katsushika-ku Telephone 03-3627-5201

Kawase 2

Kawase 3

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