We issued public information Katsushika January 15 issue!

One side of the January 15 issue is "Katsushika City comprehensive application full of useful functions".
Katsushika City Comprehensive App is a regional information application that summarizes various information such as pregnancy, child care, disaster prevention, crime prevention, sightseeing for residents and visitors.
This time, a chatbot has been added as a new function that automatically responds to simple questions such as "garbage" and "family registration / resident registration" interactively. Please use Katsushika City comprehensive application to get information.

Special issue of this issue
8 sides Katsushika-ku certified product sale Katsushika Mirai Terrace Certified products made with various ideas and enthusiasm gather together.
[Date] February 2 (Sun) 10am-4pm [Venue] Techno Plaza Katsushika (Aoto 7-2-1)

Public information Katsushika January 15 issue

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