[Sale of “Gift Certificate with Premium for Resident Tax Exemption / Child-rearing Household Owners” is coming to an end soon]

[Sales Period] Until Friday, January 31, 1980

It is sold at 45 post offices and 8 large stores in the city. If you have a purchase voucher, do not forget to purchase it during the sales period.

≪Target person≫
① Resident tax-exempt persons in FY2019 (excluding those who are dependent on those who are subject to residence tax and those who have received welfare)
We have you submit a purchase voucher grant application form and send a purchase voucher to those who meet the relevant requirements.
* Application for purchase voucher issuance has been closed.
(2) The head of the household to which the child born between April 2, 2016 and September 30, Reiwa is located.
From late September, we have been sending purchase vouchers sequentially.

Please check the website for details.

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