[Two days from tomorrow! “Katsushika Monozukuri Fair” held at Ario Kameari]

About 30 stores are a huge gathering of unknown and delicious Katsushika! In the event area on the first and second floors of Ario Kameari, you can enjoy craftsmanship and gourmet. On the 9th, that "is" is back in Kameari! Please come by all means! (^^)!

Date: February 8 (Sat), 9 (Sun) 10: 00-18: 00
Location: Ario Kameari (1F Sunny Court / Wind Court, 2F Wind Court Bridge / Wind Court Oasis)

(Excerpt below)
Pudding, Cosmetics, Tokyo Hand-Draw Yuzen, Edo Kiriko, Tokyo Knife, Copper Grater, Inden, Pencil, Shinkansen Goods, Shamiko, Handmade Curry Roux, Kusa Dango, Mackerel Lunch, Japanese Sweets, Small Items, Blueberry Products, Herbalume, Spinner, Kelp, candy, dried fish, soup stock, rubber shoes