[“Anniversary Festa 2020”]

[All-Mizumoto Sports Club "Anniversary Festa 2020"-Special talk show by Motonobu Tani Shigeki and Norihiro Nakamura of the Japan Professional Baseball Club! ~]

"Aniversary Festa 2020" is a free-to-play sports event that anyone can freely participate. We have experience booths and stamp rallies for various programs both indoors and outdoors. In the afternoon ceremony, local mizumoto junior high schools will also present performances such as marching bands and a large lottery.

In addition, a special talk show will be held inviting Mr. Motonobu Tani Shigeki and Mr. Norihiro Nakamura from the Japan Professional Baseball Club to discuss the prospects of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

■ Date: 1:30 pm, Saturday, February 15, 1980 (Admission starts at 0:45 pm)
■ Venue: Mizumoto General Sports Center Gymnasium 3F Meeting Room (Mizumoto