Monchhichi of the Hinamatsuri version appears for a limited time on Shin-Koiwa Monchhichi AR!

In the following map ① Shinkoiwa Station North Exit Area, Map ② Shinkoiwa Station South Exit Area, Katsushika City Public Wireless LAN “ Katsushika_Free_Wi-Fi ” during the period from February 17 (Mon) to March 3 (Tuesday) After connecting to, open the "Shin Koiwa Monchhichi AR Function" in the Katsushika Ward comprehensive application, you can take a photo with the Hinamatsuri version of Monchhichi.
Since it will be available for a limited time only, please come to Shinkoiwa during the period and enjoy taking photos with the Hinamatsuri version of Monchhichi!

The following map ③ Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku Square, ④ Sky Deck Tatsumi West side, ⑤ Sky Deck Tatsumi East side area will display Monchhichi as usual.