[New financing system was established to deal with the worsening business conditions caused by the new coronavirus]

Katsushika City has a special loan “New Model” to help small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses in the city affected or may have been affected by the new coronavirus epidemic. Coronary Virus Countermeasures Emergency Loan " Please use it.

(1) System name Emergency financing for new coronavirus (2) Application acceptance period March 6 (Fri)-May 29 (Fri)
(3) Mediation interest rate 2.0%
(4) Interest replenishment 1.7% (Personal burden 0.3%)
(5) Full credit guarantee fee assistance (6) Reception location Techno Plaza Katsushika (7-2-1, Aoto, Katsushika-ku) 1F Industrial and Economy Division Please contact us for details such as necessary documents and loan requirements.

[Reference] Katsushika City industrial economy section (telephone 03-3838-5556)