[Published public information Katsushika March 15 issue! ]

The first and second pages are "New Coronavirus Related Information".
The ward has decided to cancel events and close facilities to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Inhabitants of a ward ask for prevention of infection such as hand-washing or cough etiquette while confirming the latest information sequentially.

* Please refer to the links below for information on cancellation of events and information on facility closures.

Eight special features of this issue "The 4th Katsushika Literary Prize Winning Works Decision!"
It is an original novel drawn in Katsushika Ward so that many people can know the charm of "Hometown Katsushika" where bright and humane people live.

Eight "Prevent crime! Create a safe and secure town to protect in the community"
The number of crimes in Katsushika Ward in the first year of Reiwa decreased by 289 compared to 2018, and the damage from bicycle theft decreased by 155. The ward will continue to cooperate with local residents and promote the realization of a safe and secure area while closely cooperating with businesses and police stations.

Public information Katsushika March 15 issue