[Response to new coronavirus infections in childcare facilities]

We will inform you about the response to the new coronavirus infection at childcare facilities.

[About childcare fees for licensed daycare centers associated with new coronavirus infections]
In connection with the response to the new coronavirus infection, childcare fees will be pro-rated for children who have taken leave of the daycare center, etc. during March, 1980.

・ Eligible facility-accredited nursery schools, certified child nurseries, home-based nursery schools, small-scale nursery schools, certified nursery schools ・ Residing in the target ward, from March 2 (Monday) to March 31 (Tuesday) Childcare fees for children who have taken leave from licensed daycare centers during the period

・ Daily method This daycare fee will be prorated according to the number of attendance days in March, so the childcare fee for March, which is currently decided, will be paid once and will be refunded at a later date.
For those who are enrolled in an accredited nursery school, we will inform you of the refund procedures, etc. by individual notification.
If you are enrolled in an accredited child institution, home-based childcare center, or small childcare center, you will be refunded from the facility.
If you are enrolled in a certified nursery school, we will inform you from the facility.

[For those who will be admitted to a licensed nursery school, certified child institution, home-based nursery school, or small-scale nursery school from April]
・ If you have been offered a job in April, please consult with a job offer facility for information on whether or not you will be able to go to school, or about the start date (including used childcare).
・ If you are offered a job in April due to reinstatement from childcare leave, you will be required to return to work by May 1, 1980. Therefore, the deadline for reinstatement will be postponed by June 1, 1980.
Details of the procedure will be announced again.

* If the content changes depending on the future situation, we will notify you on the website.