[About the reopening of the municipal library]

At the Katsushika City Library, we will take steps to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, such as by spacing the readers' seats, and open the library sequentially from June 1st (Monday).

When visiting the museum, please cooperate to prevent the spread of infection. For details, please see the Katsushika City Library website .

    ◇Opening status [Central/Tateishi Library, Gender Equality Promotion Center Library Reference Room]
    Open from Monday, June 1
    [Ohanajaya/Kamikomatsu/Kameari/Mizumoto/Kamakura Library, Yotsugi/Nishimizumoto/Aoto/Okudo/Kosuge District Library, Shinjuku Book Service Corner, Lirio Kameari Book Service Counter]
    Open from Tuesday, June 2

The opening hours are as usual.